Holland Commons

Dear Friend of Holland, Indiana, USA:

Our community is on the move! With an expanded day care, Four-Star School, American Legion Park Improvements, completion of the Kentucky Avenue project, business expansion and investment, and new homes being constructed around the town, Holland, Indiana, USA is gearing up just in time for our state’s bicentennial. With community wide excitement Holland Events, Inc. unveils an ambitious downtown project called Holland Commons. Planned for the corner of Main and Fourth Streets (next to the Holland Post Office), when completed Holland Commons will provide our downtown with character and allure like few small towns in our area. Please join us in making this project a reality.

With the approval of the Holland Town Board and the leadership of Holland Events, Incorporated, Holland Commons will celebrate our past, present, and future. The initial project phase includes four focus features: a decorative metal gazebo (white with a red roof and Dutch themed topped cupola); a commemorative state of the art flagpole acknowledging the community’s men and women serving our nation; a Holland, Indiana, USA sculptured sign – made of Indiana limestone and including our community history – welcoming guests; and a green space with native trees and bicycle racks providing shade to guests and enhancing wellness to citizens. Complementing the commons will be decorative metal benches and lamp posts beautifying our downtown. Upgrading sidewalks and parking spaces will enhance the area for future growth. The most enduring feature is completing the project by December 11, 2016 (Indiana’s Bicentennial) utilizing funds collected by the concerned current and past patrons of Holland and Cass Township! Just as the town completed Indiana Centennial Projects in 1916 – which still stand in Holland and Cass Township – the spirit of our citizens will underwrite this historic venture!

Enclosed you will find an overview of Holland Commons, the opportunity to share your comments, and a contribution form for the project. We look forward in hearing from you!

Commons Press Release
Commons Sketch

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