General Info

The purpose of the Holland Events Committee, Inc. is to:

Organize, manage, and direct civic celebrations from time to time honoring the Town of Holland, its founders and its development.

To foster, encourage, and place on a more permanent foundation the general growth, development, prosperity of the Town of Holland, Indiana, and to promote the general social and economic well-being of the residents of said Town by securing the location of new and varied business and industry and by encouraging the strengthening and expansion of existing business and industry in said Town.

To foster and promote civic improvements and beautification of the Town of Holland, Indiana and to encourage the involvement of the general population in civic activities for the betterment of said community.

To engage in any activity which is necessary, convenient, or expedient for carrying out the foregoing purposes and which is not repugnant to law and to do any and all things permitted by the Indiana General Not-for-Profit Corporation Act, and all acts amendatory and supplemental thereto not otherwise expressly prohibited by these Articles of Incorporation.

To lessen the burden to local government and combat community deterioration by permanently dedicating assets to be used for the betterment of the Town of Holland.